Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I enter?

Pick up and buy a promotional pack of Frubes® from participating retailers while supplies last, fly to  before 11.59pm on 31st October 2016 and enter the unique code found on the inside of the promotional pack and your contact details. When you’ve successfully registered, you’ll receive one game play. If you’re from the ROI you’ll be required to answer a question correctly in order to be entered into the prize draw.

2. Which packs are involved in this prize draw /what is a promotional pack?

This prize draw runs across the 4 packs in the Frubes range: Frubes Tubes Variety Pack, Frubes Tubes Strawberry Pack, Frubes Tubes Limited Edition Pack and Maxi Frubes.

3. Where can I find my promotional code?

You can find it on the product packaging! The promotional code can be found printed inside inside promotional packs, so don’t throw it away!

4. When does the promotion start and finish?

You can enter between 00.01 BST on 1st May 2016 and 23.59 GMT on 31st October 2016.

5. How often can I enter?

Each code you get is unique and can be redeemed only once. But you and your family can enter an unlimited amount of unique codes per day throughout the promotional period.

Automated entries are strictly prohibited, and any use of such automated devices or programs will result in disqualification.

6. What prizes can I win?

Weekly Prizes: 500 lucky winners each week will win 1x The Angry birds Movie merchandise from the list below:

  1. 35 Angry birds Skateboards;
  2. 60 Angry birds Single size Bedspreads;
  3. 80 Angry birds Soda Tumbler;
  4. 100 Angry birds Notebook;
  5. 100 Angry birds Posters;
  6. 100 Angry birds Luggage tags
  7. 350 Angry birds Earphones;
  8. 400 Angry birds Lunch Bags;
  9. 500 Angry birds Caps;
  10. 300 Angry birds Medium size T-Shirts;
  11. 700 Angry birds Sleeping Mask;
  12. 400 Angry birds Whoopie Cushion;
  13. 1000 Angry birds Stationery Set;
  14. 700 Angry birds Stick on Eyebrows;
  15. 700 Angry birds Yoyo;
  16. 4000 Angry birds Bang Bang Sticks;

Grand Prize: One winner will win 1x six night holiday for four people to the Bahamas with travel included and spending money.

7. Where can I get a promotional pack?

You and your flock can find promotional packs in participating stores, including most major supermarkets (Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco) as well as various convenience outlets, while stocks last.

8. My code is not working, what should I do?

Double and triple check that you’ve entered the code correctly, and remember that each code is only valid once so double check you haven’t entered it before. If you’re still having problems get in touch with promotional helpline on: 0845 3450904 or via email here

9. I’ve claimed my prize but it hasn’t arrived

Prizes can take up to 28 days flight to arrive, but get in touch with us here if your prize hasn’t arrived after 28 days from getting your winner confirmation.

10. Will I need to sign to receive my prize?

You will only be required to sign for the following prizes: Skateboard, Bedspread, and the Soda Tumbler.

11. Why do I need to answer a skill question?

For country legal reasons, you need to answer a skill question correctly in order to be entered into the prize draw if you are based in Republic of Ireland.

12. Who do I contact for more information

For further information about this promotion, click here

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